Thank you 2009

29 12 2009

As the veil draws to a close on 2009, it is time again to reflect on what have we achieved thus far. I sincerely thank everyone who had been in my life and had lent a hand in charting the course of my life directions…

Got my first job, left it, went back to school, and found my true passion. I’m glad I distanced myself from my worklife when i realized I was losing myself… I guess many of my friends may not have the luxury to do this. But I do sincerely hope… that you can find your life directions, whichever way you may find them.

In the year coming ahead, I’ll fight harder for what I belief needs to be done. We have much to do… and the clock is ticking. Let’s straddle up and thrust into a hopefully better year ahead.

I received this thank you video from Greenpeace, would like to dedicate to you who are reading this post…




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