Let’s Start!

4 12 2009

My first blog in many many years! Gotta pop a champagne for this..

Feels funny writing this… its like writing to myself.. Perhaps no one will read this but me.

Anyway… its good to start writing. I’ve always wanted to share something to the world, whether it reaches anybody or not. So let this be a start.

Today’s date..December 4th.. one month to go from January 9th 2010. On that day, if everything goes to plan, I may be the first in the country to screen the movie called “The Age of Stupid” to the public.

After watching the movie for the first time, it gives a weird sense in my gut. Usually after a great movie like “The Day After Tomorrow” or “2012” I’ll feel awed and excited and tell everyone what a great movie it was.

But watching “The Age of Stupid” gave a different feeling altogether, it was not a super 3D-effect packed movie like the former two, but it made me felt a sense of urgency like I’ve never felt before. After watching it, I kept telling myself…”I gotta do something…I gotta do something”. It made me felt that I have a role to play in this situation…in fact everyone has a role to play in this situation.

Then one thing led to another… and the plan to screen this great movie to the public is on the way.

Pending the confirmation from relevant parties… the official publicity for a wonderful movie to start the year 2010 shall commence.

I can’t wait for it… Folks if you are reading this, you are my guest to this movie.

Signing out.

Chee Howe




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